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Finding quality rehab is something that the average person is usually unable to do their own. Searcy Drug Treatment Centers aims to help you here. If what you need is to locate a rehab that is able to help you find long-term sobriety, our drug advisors are able to assess your needs and match you to the right rehab facility. We are even able to keep our service free to you, the end consumer (to stay profitable, we look to the advertising that we sell on our website). If you need help quitting an addiction, you only need to call us at (844) 567-7601 for free, expert advice.

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How Searcy Drug Treatment Centers Can Help You

It's easy to make a mistake seeing rehab as a simple, straightforward process. Much advertising out there for rehabs does seem to describe a simple process. In reality, successful rehab requires a complex process involving multiple steps. Each one of these steps need to be performed conscientiously and with technical skill. Mistakes or shortcomings at any point can lead to poor outcomes.

  • The initial assessment: When you go to a rehab, they need to put you through assessment by experts in different areas of the treatment process. At a quality rehab, you will be tested by experts in addiction, medicine, psychiatric therapy, and psychological therapy. These experts determine how deep your addiction is, how fragile your health is, and how much your psychiatric and psychological condition contributes to your addiction. Then, they take a call on the kind of treatment that you need.
  • The diagnosis: A diagnosis follows the assessment. Your addiction may be a complex one and you may have been addicted for a long time, or addicted to more than one drug; you may be unmotivated to get better, or there may be hidden psychological or psychiatric conditions that make it very hard for you to go straight. In these cases, you may do best with the intensive treatment available at an inpatient facility; outpatient treatment may not really work for you. The diagnosis may uncover the need for special treatment for the psychiatric or psychological conditions that you experience, or for your fragile health.

Finding a rehab that takes the assessment and diagnostic steps of the treatment process seriously can take some work. Searcy Drug Treatment Centers knows this and puts a great deal of effort into finding an evidence-based center for addiction treatment in Searcy or local region rehab that is competent.

Finding the Right Rehab

Finding an alcohol and drug rehab in Searcy or its vicinity that does the assessment part right may be hard enough; finding rehabs that do justice to the treatment process can be even harder. The process involves details that most people don't really know about.

  • The medical detox part: Nearly every addiction comes with withdrawal symptoms -- if you attempt to get off a drug, you are overcome with pain and other dangerous physical symptoms. In medical detox, you receive medical treatment that helps keep pain and discomfort away and helps suppress the addictive impulse. Every rehab tends to follow a different philosophy when it comes to the level of care given to patients. Some believe that allowing patients to experience pain and discomfort is acceptable; others take a great deal of conscientious care to ensure that their patients are comfortable with the process. Being able to find a conscientious rehab can make all the difference to how easy you find detox, and how well you're able to stay the course.
  • The therapeutic part: Addiction is a mental disorder. This means that success finding a long-term solution requires treatment that corrects the mental disorder. This involves extensive therapy. From addiction education to cognitive-behavioral therapy and further therapeutic approaches, a high-quality therapeutic treatment program is at the core of any success in a treatment plan. It can take a lot of work to determine what kind of rehab possesses the kind of therapeutic expertise to help a given patient.

We Can Help You Locate The best Facility

It can be hard to see this about addiction rehab, but getting good treatment isn't just about finding any rehab out there and checking in. Rather, it's about putting work into finding a rehab that is equipped to help you. At Searcy Drug Treatment Centers, we are the addiction advisors that can help you. Call us at (844) 567-7601 to find out how we can help you find the right center for addiction treatment.

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AA Happy Hour Fri, 5:30 PM Wolfe Street Center 1210 Wolfe Street, Little Rock, AR 72202
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